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WE CARE of India is committed to empowering women and educating children in the rural villages of South India.

Our projects serve those women and children in the interior villages of South India who have nowhere else to turn.

Our primary project thus far has been Pratheeksha Childrens’ home in Tamil Nadu, India. Here, village children have a HOME. It is not an institution to provide basic needs, but a place to educate, clothe, house, and train these children so they will have the hope of a dignified life. Many of the children are orphans but not all. Pratheeksha “raised” hundreds of children over the past 21 years and we are proud to be a primary source of their support.

WE CARE is currently raising funds to expand this vision into the South India state of Kerala where we plan to build a training center for the local women to learn trade skills to help them out of poverty. The items made will then be sold through our WE CARE network for the sustainability of our current program which supports Pratheeksha Orphanage in Tamil Nadu, India.

We are in the process of building a base of talented volunteers from the United States to develop and expand our mission in the areas of English education and in the development of the Kerala training center. Both of these project will help the village women and children create new possibilities for their futures.

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